Applied Consciousness Systems

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1400170120547For organizations interested in workshops and seminars and individuals interested in personal consciousness coaching, Applied Consciousness Systems exists to offer formal programs to meet these needs.   Our fee for service programs include:

*Public Speaking:

Our consciousness coaches are available to introduce consciousness to your organization.   Commonly sought after topics include:  Leadership and Consciousness, An Introduction to Consciousness,  Transcending the Ego,  Organizational Cohesion and Consciousness, The 7 Levels of Consciousness and An Introduction to Consciousness.

John Smotherman, author of The Consciousness Paradigm and founder of Applied Consciousness Systems is our featured expert speaker.   At times he is accompanied by other speakers from our panel when a specific topic is requested. All of our other speakers are professionally trained in public speaking and are personally trained in consciousness studies by John Smotherman.

*Workshops, Seminars and Retreats

John Smotherman commonly leads workshops and seminars for a variety of organizations.   From a 90 minute lunch and learn to a full weekend of training, our programs are customized to the needs of your organization or community.   Our workshops are engaging and interactive and will actively involve participants in taking practical steps to apply consciousness to their lives.  They types of organizations that we commonly serve include:


~Colleges/Universities  (both student seminars and faculty trainings)

~Faith Based Communities

~Volunteer and Non-Profit Organizations

*Personal Consciousness Coaching

Applied Consciousness Systems certifies and trains coaches to work one on one with individuals who feel the need to have personal guidance as they apply the practical principles of consciousness to their personal lives.   Live face to face sessions are available one on one at our locations in the DFW Metroplex and in the Permian Basin area of West Texas.    One on one coaching is also available by phone and / or skype for those who are not able to commute to one of our geographic locations.  Additionally, small group sessions are organized at times as the need for these sessions emerges. Groups are offered live in our geographic locations and are occasionally made available online.   Group coaching is created specifically to meet specific requests by those interested in participating.  The modality of group coaching and style of coaching varies to meet these needs.